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The Address Property Management

We are a property management company in the Greater Toronto Area.

Nurturing a harmonious landlord-tenant relation, by providing the most dependable, high-quality service consistently. The Address Property Management Inc. is committed to using the latest technology to enhance the landlord and tenant experience.

We aim to have a reputation synonymous to excellence and reliability, and have every client sleep soundly knowing that their property is under our vigilant care.

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What is Property Management?
A property management company maintains the efficient running of an investment property, ensuring secure returns. As a result, the landlord saves time and money, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that their investment is well looked after.
Furthermore, a tenant has the satisfaction of staying in a property that is maintained to an excellent standard. The best property management company oversees and executes all operations in regards to the rental cycle, on behalf of the landlord.
Read more in our blog.

Should you hire a property management company?
This is a rather tricky question that landlords must ask. The answer to this will depend on what type of landlord you are.
If you are of the small percentage with years of experience being a landlord, do not mind being called to fix a problem at 3 am and have time to screen tenants, then no, you probably do not need a property manager.
However, if you are like the majority of landlords, you may not have time to tend to your property and tenants at all hours. You may be new to renting out a property and do not wish to take risks experimenting and learning through mistakes. Then yes, hiring the top property management company will help you get the most out of your rental property.
Read more in our blog.

What services are offered by a professional property management company?
We are committed to providing a good quality, transparent property management service. We maximise your real estate investment value with the services we include: 
The property setup service ensures the property is ready to rent out. This is done quickly, to make sure that tenants can be placed in as soon as possible, and an income is initiated.
A free rental value assessment.
Our vigorous tenant screening process is formulated to get the right, credible tenant for your property.
Rent-collections, disputes and evictions, we handle everything.
We have a 24/7 emergency service, which we always respond quickly and effectively.
Our team makes sure to deliver the best maintenance and repair work. We better this service, by implementing preventative maintenance, which saves you money and helps to budget and plan maintenance projects.
We conduct comprehensive bi-annual inspections. We do move-in/ move-out inspections, after which you will receive a detailed report.
When you sign up with us, you will gain access to an owners portal, all the information regarding your property is available there, in an easy format. Your property report can be accessed whenever you like. 

What are the advantages of hiring the best property management company?
There are some key advantages that should not be overlooked.
Cost: Hiring a property management company is surprisingly inexpensive, for a small fee the entire rental process is handled by professionals. If we put this in perspective, a property is proven to have fewer vacant days whilst under the care of a property management company, understanding the costs of a vacant property, we realize that the management fee is comparably small.
Control: There is sometimes a misconception that hiring property management company would reduce the control of the landlord. On the contrary, our team works to the wishes of the landlord. At The Address Property Management, we keep the landlord updated and can be contacted 24/7. We know how important it is to listen to the landlord and act in accordance with their requirements. We believe that a well-maintained property and a responsive service empowers the landlord to maximize gains.
Ease: Our team looks after the entire rental cycle. This removes pressures from the landlord and saves them a lot of time and effort, of having to tend to all the property and tenant needs.
Professionalism: At The Address Property Management, we pride ourselves in being qualified in Facility and Property Management, and being experienced engineers. We consistently provide a good quality service, as we update our knowledge and work to produce a reliable service.

What is our tenant screening process?
Tenant screening is the landlords greatest shield against: revenue loss, unnecessary fees and costly court battles. At the Address Property Management, we perform a thorough tenant screening process, this would include:
Pre-screen interviewing of prospective tenants
Contacting references
Producing a tenant screening report
Our clients’ investments are important to us, and we make sure the property in vacated by the right tenant.
Read our guide, which explains the entire screening process.

What do we offer in maintenance, inspections, and repair services?
We have a 24/7 service to address any tenants issues and respond to emergencies within two hours. We work with qualified licensed contractors, to ensure maintenance and repairs of good quality. 
We conduct move-in and move-out inspections. We also have seasonal inspections, during fall and spring. 
At the Address Property Management, we implement ‘preventative maintenance’, which is a proactive response, helping to reduce maintenance costs and budget effectively. Read here to find out more.

International or Foreign investor?
Are you an foreign or non-resident, The Address Property Management can help landlords like you succeed.
Ensure your property will be properly maintained, scheduling repairs and remodels with high-quality tradespeople as needed
Communicate openly with tenants about any ongoing issues or questions
Fill vacancies with great tenants as needed
Of course, the actual scope of our work includes many things based on these services. From collecting rent to directing remodels of your rental project, we are a full-service property management company. Approach us about any rental property management task you want assistance with, and we can customize our services to make your investment successful. To learn more about what we do here at The Address Property Management, feel free to reach out to us with questions or for a free, no-obligation quote at any time.

How do you budget a rental investment property?
This is an imperative question every landlord should ask. Essentially, a great property management team should help you maximise value of your rental property.The duties and responsibilities of any property management company you hire will depend on your customized agreement. However, property management companies and their teams will help in:
Maintaining cash flow budgets and bookkeeping
Scheduling regular property repairs, maintenance, and inspections
Overseeing the financial success of the investment properties
When you search for the perfect property management team, make a list of the duties you are looking to have fulfilled. This will help you choose the best management company near you to oversee your investment.


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What is Property Management?

Should you hire a property management company?

What services are offered by a professional property management company?

What are the advantages of hiring the best property management company?

What is our tenant screening process?

What do we offer in maintenance, inspections, and repair services?

International or Foreign investor?

How do you budget a rental investment property?

More FAQs can be found here.


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