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March 1, 2020

Flooring Renovation: Part 2 of 3

Flooring Renovation: Part 2 of 3


All flooring materials will wear over time. However, wearing of materials can be quite perceptive. A white woolen carpet would reveal every stain and imperfection. On the other hand, flecked berber carpets will tend to camouflage stains and signs of wear and tear.

Certain areas are high traffic zones for wear, such as chairs at a dining table. It is possible to take precautions to reduce premature wear. Protective cups spread the pressure load under furniture legs, reducing dents forming. The snowy Canadian winters would mean that residents enter with shoes with wet snow, grit and salt. A solution may be to have coir mats at the entrance to trap any of the moisture and debris, saving the rest of the flooring from being damaged.

There is however no alternative for scratches caused by pointed heals other than a change of footwear.

Stair carpets fit with rods are better than fitted stair carpets, as you could lift and turn the carpet so that it wears evenly.

Noise and Temperature Control

Soft floors muffle sound and are the quietest. Hard floors will amplify sounds, however with correct soundproofing underlays, this could be minimized.

Soft flooring would warm up faster in the winter whereas stone and tiles are cooler and preferable in kitchens where a cooler temperature is needed.

Continuous flooring such like carpets of linoleum insulates heat loss and would be used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Material Quality

Color, pattern and texture are main elements in floor design. Natural materials, such as hardwood and marble, are usually considered the most beautiful and with time these materials age well and look better as they age. However, they tend to be much more expensive and labor intensive. Natural materials are synonymous to luxury, therefore a luxury rental or investment property would require natural material flooring to depict quality.

On the other hand, synthetic flooring has many practical advantages and cost a fraction of the price. Synthetic materials are less labor intensive and easier to maintain. There are many synthetic material floorings that look very similar to natural materials, making it the obvious choice for properties that would be vacated by families with children, students and when wheelchair accessibility is needed.

Another factor that determines the flooring appeal is lighting. Catalogs and showrooms may have different lighting compared to the room in question, altering the look of the pattern, color and texture. It is useful to find swatches and samples of floorings to see how it would actually look in the room.

Architectural Character

To create a sense of style, the flooring should complement the architectural character of the property or room. Many times, in older properties, there may be intact original floorings under carpets or linoleum, which can be refinished and add to the style character of the room.

At the Address Property Management, we can take care of your flooring renovations. We can help you to choose the most efficient flooring surfaces, finishing and preparation materials. We take pride in having renovation projects carried out to a good quality standard.

For more information, contact us: or call +1-647-400-0690.

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